Carlow Regatta June 2024

Now a regular event for the club WBC took part in Carlow Regatta on Sun 02nd June. Luckily the weather was really good on the day with no rain or wind. This was a great help on the Carlow course which can be a tricky one to navigate on the best of days given the number of bends throughout the 1200 meter stretch of the Barrow.

Attendance was down on previous years due to other postponed regattas being moved to the same weekend which meant that Carlow regatta was just held over the single day rather than the full weekend but nonetheless there was plenty of exciting racing packed into the Sunday.

Waterford performed extremely well on the day and won a total of (x) finals. Notable mentions have to go out to a recently formed MJ16 4x+ who won their race as well as our WJ13 4x+ who took their maiden win this season (albeit in the older WJ 14 4x+ category). Our MJ13 4x+ crew won their third race in a row, but again racing in the older J14 category. Well done to all of our crews and thanks to Carlow Rowing Club for hosting such a good event as always.

As always thanks to Mick for getting the trailer safely to and from the event.

Next event for the Club is Cork Regatta which will be held in the NRC on Sat 22nd June.


The full official results from Carlow Regatta 2024 can be found here or here (not updated yet)

MJ18A 2xSean Harte, Darragh Ryan1st
MJ18A 1xSean Harte2nd
MJ16 4x+Gosha Shekunov, Harry Whelan, Henry Brady, Oran Skinner, Deirdre McHugh(c)1st
MJ16 1xOran Skinner1st
MJ14 4x+Sean Fitzpatrick, John Brady, Tadhg Hawkins, Sam O’Neill, Sofia Mullins(c)1st
MJ14 4x+Leon Mullins, Hugh Brady, Maksym Indiuchenko, Mads O’Flynn, Toby Cooke(c)1st
WJ18A 2xErin O’Neill, Siun O’Mahony1st
WJ18A 1xSarah Power1st
WJ16 2xEdie O’Flaherty, Katie Fitzpatrick1st
WJ16 1xAine Power1st
WJ15 4x+Rachel Weldon, Molly O’Flynn, Hannah Lemon, Faye O’Flaherty, Harry Grant(c)1st
WJ15 2xMolly O’Flynn, Rachel Weldon1st
WJ15 1xRachel Weldon1st
WJ14 4x+Amelie Mullins, Leah Trant, Amy Trant, Sofia Mulling, Siri O’Flynn(c)1st
WJ14 2xHannah Lemon, Faye O’Flaherty1st
WJ14 1xHannah Lemon1st
WJ14 1xFaye O’Flaherty1st
Carlow Regatta 2024 results