Junior Age Categories

A common question, especially for new members, is what age category am I in? Rowing Ireland specifies 5 main Junior Age categories for competition. They are

  • J13
  • J14
  • J15
  • J16
  • J18A and J18B

Rowing Ireland provide full details on age categories on their website here

The process is a little tricky to get your head around so in the interest of simplifying the process, establish what your child’s age will be on the 1st September this year. This age + 1 year will be their age category for the coming season. So for example let’s say your child is at the age of 13 on 01st September 2023. Their age category for races in 2024 will be J14.

Rowing Ireland have put together a nice reckoner that shows clearly what Age group your child will be in depending on their date of birth. A copy of the reckoner can be found here and we’ve attached a screenshot of the reckoner below as well.

As always if there’s any questions please be sure to ask any of the coaches or mail us on enquiries@waterfordboatclub.ie