Fermoy Regatta June 2024

Race Report

Fermoy Regatta took place on Sunday 30th June, the day after the 1K Classic up in Lough Rinn. Our J14 and J15 crews from the 1K rejoined the rest of the club for Fermoy where the club had 30 entries across a single day with heats and finals in most events which made for an extremely busy day for all of our crews.

Fermoy Regatta is a sprint regatta and is held over a 3 lane 500 meter course on The Blackwater through the center of Fermoy which makes for an excellent location and hugely enjoyable atmosphere every year. This would be the final event of the season for our J13-J15 crews and would act as a final tune-up for our J16-J18 crews for the upcoming 2024 National Championships down in the NRC between the 15th-17th July.

An early start was needed for everyone. Lisa and Tony brought our own loaded trailer down on Saturday afternoon and Clonmel Rowing Club were kind enough to transport our boats to the 1K Classic and then down to Fermoy so a huge thanks has to go out to them.

The J13 and J14 events were straight finals but unusually these were timed as well so it offered a good comparison to the other crews taking part in the other finals. For J15 and upwards there were no straight finals but rather a time trial with just the three fastest times in the heats going through to the final.

As always, the straight 500 meter distance made for extremely exciting racing with no room for errors. Some excellent results including 4 wins, 3 second places and 7 third places. Also we had several of our girls and boys J14 doubles racing for the first time.

Well done to all our athletes taking part today and thanks to all the parents and volunteers who helped out on the day. Huge thanks again to Tony for towing the trailer this weekend.


WJ18 4x+Hannah, Siun O’Mahony, Erin O’Neill, Sarah Power, Deirdre McHugh(c)1st1:46.3
WJ15 2xRachel Weldon, Molly O’Flynn1st1:51.3
WJ14 1xFaye O’Flaherty1st2:04.1
MJ13 4x+Leon Mullins, Hugh Brady, Mads O’Flynn, Ben Weldon, Toby Cooke(c)1st2:00.5
WJ15 1xMolly O’Flynn2nd1:58.8
WJ15 4x+Rachel Weldon, Molly O’Flynn, Hannah Lemon, Faye O’Flaherty2nd1:49.6
WJ16 2xEdie O’Flaherty, Katie Fitzpatrick2nd1:51.9
WJ16 2xKate Lemon, Jessica Cooke3rd1:54.5
WJ16 4x+Edie O’Flaherty, Katie Fitzpatrick, Kate Lemon, Jessica Cooke, 3rd1:48.1
MJ16 1xHenry Brady3rd1:49.1
MJ16 1xOran Skinner5th1:50.9
MJ18 2xSean Harte, Darragh Ryan6th1:40.7
MJ18 1xSean Harte5th1:46.3
WJ18 1xSarah Power3rd1:59.2
WJ14 2xHannah Lemon, Faye O’Flaherty3rd1:59.2
WJ14 2xAmelie Mullins, Sofia Mullins7th2:13.6
MJ14 4x+Sean Fitzpatrick, Tadhg Hamkins, John Brady, Sam O’Neill, Toby Cooke4th1:55.1
MJ16 2xHenry Brady, Gosha Shekunov9th1:45.5
WJ18 2xErin O’Neill, Siun O’Mahony3rd1:50.3
WJ18 2xDeirdre McHugh, Hannah Cunningham Boylan5th1:55.2
WJ14 2xHannah Lemon, Faye O’Flaherty3rd1:59.2
MJ15 2xColm Brennan, Harry Grant6th1:50.1
WJ13 4x+Amelie Mullins, Siri O’Flynn, Leah (Bantry), Sofia Mullins, Sam O’Neill2nd2:14.8
Fermoy 2024 Results