145th Anniversary Dinner Dance

By Ger McCarthy

Waterford Boat Club, Waterford’s oldest sports club, held their 145th anniversary dinner dance at Dooley’s Hotel on Saturday 11th November. A fantastic turnout of past and present members and friends of the club made for a wonderful evening.

One particularly distinguished guest in attendance was the Mayor of Waterford, Joe Conway, an honorary member of Waterford Boat Club. The Mayor’s attendance added a touch of prestige and recognition to the celebrations, and exemplified the city’s appreciation for the club’s long-standing contributions to rowing and commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive rowing club culture in the heart of Waterford City.

To begin the evening, the Mayor was warmly welcomed by the club’s president Dermot Griffin and club captain Ger McCarthy, who took great pride in showcasing club memorabilia including the first Club minutes dating back to 1878.

During the event, the Mayor took the opportunity to address the gathering, expressing his admiration for Waterford Boat Club’s rich history and its continuous efforts to promote the sport of rowing in Waterford City. The Mayor recognized the club’s dedication in providing a safe and inclusive environment for rowing enthusiasts of all ages.

The mayor’s presence also inspired the younger generation, emphasizing the importance of embracing the traditions of the past while striving for an even brighter future. It showcased the city’s support for the sport of rowing and its recognition of the positive impact Waterford Boat Club has had on the local community, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and bringing people together.

Club Captain Ger McCarthy, Mayor Joe Conway and Club President Dermot Griffin

Club Captain Ger McCarthy, Mayor Joe Conway and Club President Dermot Griffin

All those in attendance acknowledged the hard work and dedication that had gone into building and maintaining Waterford Boat Club throughout it’s 145-year history. It was a moment of shared appreciation, reflecting the commitment of club members and volunteers past and present who have worked tirelessly to create a haven for this Club over its 145years of existence.

In his speech, Club Captain Ger McCarthy said it was fitting and fantastic to honour 145 years of Club history with such a gathering, particularly with the past year being such an eventful year for the club featuring a busy and hugely successful regatta schedule and a major renovation of the club house in Canada Street. These building works have recently being finished just in time for the busy upcoming winter training programme and will enable to club to grow over the coming years and to maintain our status as the City’s oldest sports club.

Waterford Boat Club’s 145th anniversary dinner dance was truly enhanced by the attendance and support of all. It highlighted the club’s esteemed position in the community and its ongoing commitment to promoting Rowing in the community. Waterford Boat Club can look to a bright future with renewed enthusiasm and the knowledge that their efforts are valued and recognized by the City they call home.

Huge thanks have to go to Louise Drohan and the organising committee for their tireless efforts planning and arranging the event and to Tina Darrer and all the team at Dooley’s Hotel for hosting an excellent meal and evening for all.