I Live, Breath and Live for Rowing

I live, breath, and live for rowing. I’m always thinking of the next regatta or head of the river.
As I’m writing this terrible promotion for the club I am thinking of the Barrow Challenge next weekend. Thinking of rates, pressures and if I will be able to complete it.

Rowing is a sport that just takes up your life. – Some wise Rowing Expert

Training is almost every day, weekdays and the weekends. But I look forward to each session. Almost everyone in the club feels the same way I do. The club is a friendly environment for people with a passion for the sport, no matter the skill.

Look, if you are saying things like “I’m only doing this for fitness.” You’re in the wrong sport. Go get yourself a gym membership!

In our small rowing community we all have to do our part. We all have to help, like bringing up the launch. Please don’t be going home before the damn launch is up.

Regattas aren’t just about the competition, It’s a day out. Think of it like going to the horses, it’s really social but stressful at times.

You may find that rowing sounds like a hard sport and you want to try but not sure about the commitment, just head down to us and give it a try, who knows… you might end up loving it.

Written by 14 year old Waterford Boat Club Rower, 2017.